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Loop provides live virtual premium:

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Our virtual community will improve your quality of life. You will instantly feel consistently connected and inspired by the people who make up Loop. Your day will be filled with your own circle of friends in the privacy of your home.

Aging Becomes Adventurous
Family Members

Provides you peace of mind that your loved ones stay consistently connected and engaged in a premium private virtual community. You will never again worry that your loved ones are isolated. Loop is a quality of life game changer.

Social Medicine
Senior Communities

Give your seniors an opportunity to interact in a premium virtual community all to their own. Enhance and diversify your in-house programs that give residents personal connection in a group setting or in the privacy of their own room.

Emotional Focus

Building consistent meaningful friendships everyday. Everybody needs somebody. Our village buddies (aka companions) will keep you connected. They are the ambassadors of friendship and fulfillment.

Smiles on a Silver Platter

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Choose from a variety of topics and activities— from live wellness, fitness, virtual tours, education, fun games, music, book club, coffee talk, community-building, travel and many more.

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Our Village Community will reach out with a friendly introduction to discover interests, likes and dislikes. We want to get to know you!

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Our Village Buddies deliver high-quality service to our Loop members. We match you to real people who are curious and ready to listen.

We deliver premium live video companionship and enrichment experiences, to revolutionize your quality of life.

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What Loop Members Are Saying

“The experience has been exciting as well as something special to look forward to. Having laughs with others and just being together is fun!” Read More
Golden Inn and Village
“It was the best thing I could have done! I am so ever grateful for the opportunity to be involved with Loop Village and look forward to more interesting times and meeting new people!” Read More
Golden Inn and Village
“I was especially thrilled to have an exercise program to get my reluctant body off the couch. This alone has renewed my energy level.” Read More
Executive Director, Pacifica Senior Living Santa Barbara
“Loop has become something of a very special lifeline for me.” Read More
“God bless your heart and more power to you on your great job for our elderlies.” Read More
—Baby (Nancy’s Caregiver)
“Our residents enjoy the fresh content delivered by each Village Buddy and are always eager to participate in the sessions.” Read More
—Dr. Moore
Executive Director Pacifica Senior Living Santa Barbara
“We have seen the change before our very eyes and it is evident that Loop Village has made our seniors less isolated and happier in life.” Read More
Interim Director of Programs, Wellness Services & Events / Golden Inn and Village, A Rona Barrett Foundation

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