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Loop works with Senior Communities and Caregivers to ensure your facility has access to download Zoom on a desktop computer or iPad.

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Check out our calendar of 100+ live events for all Free Trial members. Your clients will experience virtual companionship and make new friends!

“Our residents enjoy the fresh content delivered by each Village Buddy and are always eager to participate in the sessions.”

—Dr. Moore
Executive Director, Pacifica Senior Living Santa Barbara

“We have seen the change before our very eyes and it is evident that Loop Village has made our seniors less isolated and happier in life.”

Interim Director of Programs, Wellness Services & Events / Golden Inn and Village, A Rona Barrett Foundation

The Benefits are Borderless

Benefits for our Seniors

Promotes health, wellness, community and engagement while in the safety and comfort of their home.

Benefits for Family Members

Provides peace of mind for your loved ones to stay connected, while supporting fitness and nutrition.

Benefits to Senior Communities

Enhances and diversifies existing in-house programs and provides human interaction to isolated residents.

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Loop will delight your residents, win hearts, and exceed expectations!
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