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We are offering special introductory membership plans at just $49 per month.

Introductory Pricing is as low as $49 per month:

Access to all Loop Village Group Events: $49 per month


With the LOOP Village Virtual Events and Programs, the Benefits are Borderless

LOOP’s live virtual programs promote health, wellness, community, and engagement for seniors and older adults while in the safety and comfort of their homes. With over 100 events offered per month, there is something for everyone.


Every Member in the LOOP Village Enjoys

  • Companionship
  • Classes and Events
  • Virtual Travel
  • Music Enrichment
  • Loop Café – always have a lunch date!
  • A new friend group of their own – outside their four walls – with consistent activities to share – ALL DAY LONG!

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Loop Village Membership

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Loop Village Membership – Monthly
$49.00 per month
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$499.00 per year

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