Just wanted to show my gratitude for being a part of this loop village group! The experience has been exciting as well as something special to look forward to. Making new friends and sharing with them as well as being on zoom touring Paris at the Eiffel tour! It doesn’t get any better than that! Having laughs with others and just being together is fun! I think it’s the best! With this pandemic and all we needed some interaction with others!

Golden Inn and Village

When I was first approached about the Loop Village I was not sure if it would work for me, groups usually don't interest me. But after 9 months of being in the place I am right now unable to have any visitors, I gave it more thought and decided to check it out. It was the best thing I could have done! I am so ever grateful for the opportunity to be involved with Loop Village and look forward to more interesting times and meeting new people!

Golden Inn and Village

Something extraordinary happened when a stranger called me a few months ago. Normally I would hang up but this time I listened, and I didn’t know why. Maybe it was the sound and tone of Margo’s voice or a combination of good vibes. Whatever it was that day it was very lucky for me. I never dreamed I could meet a new friend who actually cared about me. Turning 80 in the middle of a pandemic was not fun. It made me feel more lonely than ever before. Then came Loop with Margo at the helm with a week full of activities that old people could enjoy. I was especially thrilled to have an exercise program to get my reluctant body off the couch. This alone has renewed my energy level, but I have also benefited greatly from all their programs. But most of all I have a new friend who is genuinely interested in my life and finds the time to check in several times a week. I have renewed optimism and look forward to a much more interesting life than I had before.

Executive Director, Pacifica Senior Living Santa Barbara

During this unprecedented time of quarantine, the Loop has become something of a very special lifeline for me.

I have never been much of a “joiner”, preferring “one on one” interactions. And being able to spend time with Sandra over Zoom is a real treat. An interesting feature of Loop is that like being on a cruise, you can participate as much or as little as is comfortable.

I am enjoying the experience, and look forward to seeing Sandra each Tuesday.


I would like to thank the founders of The Loop Maria and Margot for giving their wonderful time to the elderly.They make the elderlies life very entertaining and happy and meaningful. God bless your heart and more power to you on your great job for our elderlies.

—Baby (Nancy’s Caregiver)

We have been so pleased with our experience using Village Loop Buddies. This revolutionary program has allowed us to continue to elevate our programming by implementing the use of technology in an active and engaging way. Our residents enjoy the fresh content delivered by the Village Loop Buddies team and are always eager to participate in the sessions. This platform has been more than another zoom call, it's like meeting with an old friend. Thank you for helping us to bring meaningful moments to our residents at a time when physical togetherness has to be limited. This platform has allowed us to maintain dynamic programming for our residents' different interests and has proven to be pandemic proof programming.

—Dr. Moore
Executive Director Pacifica Senior Living Santa Barbara

Cindy and I both want to say how much Loop Village has changed the lives of those involved in the pilot program. We have noticed that our seniors involved are happier overall, excited to share what activities they have done, and look forward to their zoom sessions every week. They seem to plan their day around Loop Village and this program has given them purpose again while we all patiently persevere through the pandemic. We have seen the change before our very eyes and it is evident that Loop Village has made our seniors less isolated and happier in life. We are so thankful that the Golden Inn and Village was chosen to be a part of the pilot program.

Interim Director of Programs, Wellness Services & Events / Golden Inn and Village, A Rona Barrett Foundation