Our Mission

Loop enriches the lives of seniors globally, connecting them through engaging virtual classes, events, and content, creating unparalleled emotional bonds and easing the pain of social isolation; building a community one human being at a time.

Our Story

Our Founders

Maria Botham | Co-founder, Co-CEO

Experience: CEO, Founder, and Managing Director of first-to-market Hair Fairies, a national brand with over 100 employees.

Margot Merrick | Co-founder, Co-CEO

Experience: 20+ years of sales in the senior care market as co Founder and Executive Director of Good Company Senior Care.

Noreen Bergin | Co-founder

Experience: 30+ years as a Finance executive in technology organizations such as Shipt, SurveyMonkey, and Netscape. Currently, she serves as a board member, advisor, and investor in several young companies.

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