What is Loop

At Loop, we believe everybody needs somebody. We believe we are that somebody. Loop delivers personal connection through authentic live sessions, person to person – human to human. Our warm and caring companions (that we affectionately call Village Buddies) create meaningful friendships that enhance your day and leave you with a smile on your face. You’ll feel connected, present, seen, and heard. Your Village Buddy will virtually visit with you to simply share themselves and vice versa. You’ll get to know them as they get to know you.

But wait there’s more! Our Village Buddies will also personally introduce you to our classes, events, and travel. You’ll enjoy a front row seat in a small virtual venue where you’ll see new faces and meet others. With over 30 sessions a week, you’re sure to zero in on some favorites or attend them all. Either way we will leave you wanting more.

Last but, certainly, not least, we have our very own Loop Cafe, so you never have to eat alone again! We believe meals are meant to be shared with others. In our Cafe we casually enjoy each other’s company and conversation.

Our Village Buddies instill warmth, comfort, and trust – the foundation of the Loop community. At Loop, we like to say that we’re growing whole not old.

Give us a shot you will never look back… pinky promise!

Real People.
Real Experiences.

Get Connected

It’s easy. We give seniors access to consistent, thoughtful and engaging virtual interaction and stimulation.

Be a Part of Our Village

Our Loop Village delivers live virtual companionship and enrichment experiences to improve the quality of life for seniors.

Explore a Variety of Experiences

We offer a calendar of over 100 LIVE experiences and classes for our members.