What makes Loop special?

We deliver smiles on a silver platter. Our community is present, dynamic and always available...Pinky promise!

How do we connect?

Any device you may have: phone, laptop, ipad or simply a call. We will get you connected. Scouts honor!

What if I don’t have a device?

We can walk you through getting one. Easy peasy.

Do I need internet access?

Yes, we can help with this, too. It’s just a phone call away.

What about safety in the village?

Yes, There are different ways to provide safety. Our trained hosts are always monitoring for inappropriate chat or video content.

Is there cyber security?

Yes, we have village security at every turn.

Can my family members participate?

Yes, we are about building a community between Loop members and family. We are all for one and one for all!

Will I have fun?

Yes, we offer a FREE trial so you can see for yourself. You’ll have the best time ever.

Can I stay with the same village buddy?

Yes, we encourage and carefully match you with the best suited village buddy. If at any time you would like to change your village buddy we are happy to help.

What are the village buddies like?

They are the ambassadors of fun and friendship.

Do I have a village buddy?

Yes, we will carefully connect you with a village buddy. You will be looped after your first meeting!

Do I have to have a Village Buddy?

Not at all, our classes and events are just as fulfilling as our village buddy sessions.

Do I have to be a member?

Nope, your first session is free. Let us win your heart.

Do I have to have my camera on?

Absolutely not, we are here to simply add companionship, fun events and interesting travel to your day. Whether you turn your camera on or not, it’s completely up to you.

Can we first meet with a phone call?

Yes, phone calls are a great way to start! And stick with it if that suits you best!

Can I choose and try a different experience each week?

Yes, you are welcome to as many as your heart desires

Can I make a request for experiences?

Absolutely, we would love your feedback and will do our best to make it happen.

Will I make new friends?

For sure, 100% our Loop Village is all about introductions and making new friends within our community. Our hosts and village buddies are committed to making new connections for our members.

Is this only for the United States?

We are a global virtual community. Everyone from anywhere are welcome.

Is the cafe open all day and night?

Yes, our cafe will soon be 24 hours a day. For now we invite you to join at our designated meal times. Those that eat together stay together.

Senior Communities

Why would Loop be a positive addition to community?

We provide human connection and improve emotional focus for your clients. Something fun and unique outside of your facility will be a game changer for your community.

How does this work?

We connect your seniors with companions (if they choose) and provide classes, events, and our Loop Café so they never eat alone again. Your clients will make new friends while hydrating and being nutritionally aware. We provide support to your internal team as well. Loop works symbiotically with senior communities and caregivers. Discover our testimonials!

Can you accommodate our entire community?

Yes, we can accommodate the entire community you serve and will help raise the bar for your community and family members.

Family Members

How do I know my parents (or grandparents) are safe?

Security if our top priority and we are dedicated to ensuring all Loop members are safe. We assign village security that monitors all interactions in every session.

How much involvement do you need from me?

Once the registration and set-up is complete we require little involvement from the senior community and/or family member. We will assist and support at every turn.