Virtual Connection with Real People.

We know the right connection matters most. We take pride in recruiting top talent for our Village Buddy Employment program. We follow stringent and secure guidelines in finding a unique person who is attentive, compassionate, and supportive—who is engaging and aware of nonverbal cues. Our VBs are trained to connect with Loop members through thoughtful and respectful engagement filled with authentic curiosity.

Work with Purpose

Our Village of dedicated professionals understands that social interaction is as important as medicine. We pride ourselves on establishing a human connection with our members and deliver unique experiences.

Criteria to be a Village Buddy
  • Must be attentive, compassionate, supportive and curious
  • Minimum age of 18 or older
  • Proof of residency in your city, state, or province
  • Complete and pass online screening
  • No criminal history
  • Earn a base fee for each Loop experience
  • Earn extra money if you are a certified instructor, teacher or trainer in a particular field (foreign language, fitness, music, etc.)
  • Earn $20 to $25 an hour.
  • Earnings are transferred to a Village Buddy’s bank account every week.

Be a Village Buddy!