Loop World of Poetry

Join us to discuss a variety of literary pieces in the world of poetry. No prior experience is required. Jump into our Loop Village and have fun! Hosted by Dr. Theresa Flynn, a Professor of English Composition at Pepperdine University.

Loop Café

The Loop Café is a time to enjoy conversation and talk about what’s on your mind. Join members and a Village Buddy to share a meal together. It’s a great way to laugh, relax and be part of our Loop community.

Loop Mind and Body Connection

Join us for a mix of strength exercises for the body and mind. We laugh, learn and play, all while building the mind and body. Please prepare for class with paper, pencil, a chair. And, resistance bands, if available, but not required.

Meet Margot and Maria

Discover how Loop began with our co-founders, Maria and Margot. Both will answer questions about the community building activties we offer and share the benefits of having your own Village Buddy. Loop is turning aging into adventuring!

Loop Evening of Music

Hosted by accomplished guitarist Alberto Dal Pino, we will explore Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance music together. Alberto is recognized throughout Italy, Germany and the United States as a performing artist, lyricist, vocal arranger, and composer.

Loop Sit or Stand Movement

If you are in the mood to move to the music, Sit or Stand Movement is for you. It’s easy to sway your arms from side to side with the music while sitting. It’s optional to stand, too! Together we will enjoy and dance along.

Loop Joyous Chair Movement

Easy to follow with us through a variety of seated arm and leg exercises. Paired with a wonderful selection of music that is often very familiar to our members—not only is it fun to move along, some folks love to sing along, too.

Loop Animal Tales

Animal Tales is the largest live exotic animal educational activity promoting conservation in the United States. Join us to meet exotic mammals, birds, reptiles, and more. We get up close and personal with three new ambassadors each week.

Loop Tai Chi

Take a deep breathe and join us for hands on training in personal wellness, stress reduction and pain management practices. We’ll share simple calming techniques that include acupressure points that have proven to help reduce stress and nourish the soul.

Loop Chair Yoga

Regardless of age, physical challenges, or activity level, everyone can experience the benefits of Chair Yoga. Safely learn to practice simple breathing techniques to help relax, relieve stress and promote an overall sense of wellbeing.

Loop Game Time

Get ready to stimulate your brain. You’ll enjoy working together as a team and playing different games every week. It’s an effective way to sharpen your mental muscle and share your knowledge. Come laugh out loud with us.

Loop Music: Flamenco Guitar

Javier Gomez is a flamenco guitarist based in Seville. He has been playing for over 20 years in this beautiful artform. Javi looks forward to us enjoying his roots, as he plays several flamenco guitar pieces in an intimate setting.

As Seen in Sea World Gold Coast in Australia

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