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At LOOP, We View Virtual Companionship for Seniors as Social Medicine

We enable various meaningful activities for our members. Whether it’s fitness classes, conversations around movies, books, food, or a deep dive into music and culture, we provide the social interaction and companionship most seniors today crave. 

But many seniors today lack the kinds of engaging activities with others that are necessary to stave off loneliness and isolation. 

Overcoming the Senior Isolation Epidemic

According to the CDC, senior isolation has become a serious public health issue. According to their data, as of 2021, an estimated 43% of seniors are isolated, and that isolation is contributing to serious health risks.

Without connection, a senior’s nutrition, hygiene, and physical and mental state deteriorate. When isolated older adults enter the healthcare system, their needs have progressed, making their care expensive, unpredictable, and taxing for healthcare providers.

Indeed, Medicare Advantage refers to senior isolation as “the quietest health risk.”  

Providing Virtual Companionship for Seniors Takes a Village

Rooted in the idea that connection is prevention, LOOP is a proven treatment to combat senior isolation.

Each senior who joins LOOP is assigned a ‘buddy’ who anchors and guides them through our virtual events, checking in to be sure they can get and stay connected. Every class offered by LOOP has a talented guide leading it and a host to ensure the seniors feel comfortable and connected.

Our LOOP Cafe events allow otherwise isolated seniors to enjoy meals with other LOOP Village members. This popular event allows essential opportunities for personal conversations and companionship.

We refer to LOOP as social medicine because the benefits provided by our virtual programs and companionship extend well beyond our LOOP Village members into their social circles. Close and extended family, caregivers, and friends also see the quality of life improvements. 

Life’s responsibilities can make it impossible for a son, daughter, or other family members to be there for their older family members as much as they’d like. In this case, LOOP is a lifeline and critical resource to ensure their senior loved one can socialize and stay engaged. 

LOOP Village provides peace of mind to concerned families by connecting their parents, grandparents, or elderly relatives to a friendly ecosystem that embraces everyone openly and combats loneliness and isolation. 

And that peace of mind means less stress, anxiety, and depression for close family members and some much-needed respite for caregivers.

Growing a Village of Virtual Companions for Seniors

The LOOP community is thriving as we continue combating senior isolation. Ninety percent of our members say they are “very likely” to recommend LOOP, and we offer over 100 classes monthly. We are authoring a study with Dr. Angelique K. Campen for the UCLA Medical Research Journal around how social connection affects health in older adults. Most importantly, we continue to change the lives of seniors one virtual class at a time.

If you’re interested in learning more about the LOOP Village, we invite you to start a 30-day trial or reach out with any questions. 

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